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27 September, 2012 - Cut-scenes - Powerful Yet Often Misused - Examples from Dark Souls

The use of cut-scenes in Dark Souls - usefull, unnecessary and bad ones.

23 August, 2012 - Hidden forced failure and loss of control in Battlefield 3

The player is forced to loose, repeatedly, although she could've succeded.

18 June, 2012 - Dark Souls - labels change our expectations

Labels can change the way we think about anything. Dark Souls make smart use of labels.

18 June, 2012 - Dark Souls multiplayer and unfair fights

Are multiplayer fights in Dark Souls unfair? If so, which aspects of them? And why?

24 April, 2012 - Personal attacks in multiplayer games

This article tries to explore why personal attacks are common in games such as League of Legends.

22 April, 2012 - Save systems for Nintendo DS games

Why not all DS game's save systens are equal.

18 April, 2012 - The Badass Paradox

I suggest you read "Breaking the world's rules truths" before this article. The article examines what happens when an enemy's and player's strength varies between the story- and interactive world.

14 April, 2012 - Dramatic actions in games

Why one action is more dramatic than another action. The importance of build up. Examples are drawn from Counter Strike, Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3.

11 April, 2012 - Gun Game - feedback loops, curves & comebacks

Explains negative- and positive feedback loops, comebacks, and why they'e important for the gun game gamemodes.

29 Mars, 2012 - Rules for giving feedback as a game tester

Rules which increase the chance that the developers will listen to a testers feedback.

1 Mars, 2012 - Breaking the world's rules truths

The difference between the interactive- and story world in games. How they often have separate truths, which clash against each other.

11 Februrary, 2012 - Bastion, making one a master of many tactics

Bastion wants you to master many tactics, many other games allow you to succeed by becoming good at one. Bastion also makes use of an interesting difficulty system, which I'll analyze.

14 January, 2012 - Thank you for allowing me to remove your challenge

Several games allow the player to completelly remove some of the their challenges, while others only allow her to make them slighly easier.

8 January, 2012 - Grid- and slot-based inventory systems in games

The different inventory systems used in Deus Ex (DE), DE: Invisible War and DE: Human Revolution. Why the grid system worked better than the list system.

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